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Marianist Mission

Marianist Mission’s purpose is to promote the Catholic Church’s apostolic ministry, to assist in the spiritual development of our friends and benefactors, and toprovide financial resources for the ministries and missions of the Society of Mary and the Daughters of Mary Immaculate.

Since 1960, the Marianist Mission has operated a prayer and religious card ministry. This ministry offers healing and sympathy perpetual prayer enrollments as well as seasonal and other messages of faith. This ministry is called The Marianist Spiritual Alliance (see below).

The Marianist Mission has also been a means to dialog with persons interested in what Marianists do and a way to receive their ideas, comments and gifts. Donations given through the Marianist Mission help fund Marianist ministries around the world.

The Marianist Spiritual Alliance

--Uniting people in the power of prayer to work wonders in the world

An alliance is a group of individuals united by a similar vision or purpose. When fully alive, it is a partnership whose fruits offer a united, stronger energy that uplifts and transforms.

What better way to build or reveal love and light in each other and the world than by a spiritual alliance? Through your faith--prayers and other loving intentions--you form a partnership with God and bring greater joy and healing to people. The Marianist Spiritual Alliance, at the heart of the Marianist Mission, was formed for those reasons.

We, at the Marianist Mission, regard our role in this alliance as a sacred trust. We are happy to be engaged in the work of promoting and supporting prayer, and to unite persons of faith who are working to fulfill the meaning of Christ.

As a supporter of and participant in the Marianist Spiritual Alliance, you share in the prayers and good works of all Marianists and in every mass offered by Marianist priests.

We receive and attend to your prayer requests in a variety of ways. These come to us through the mail, telephone and Internet. We then send cards and other special types of messages to you for your loved ones (or we will send directly to them as you request), letting them know that they are being remembered in prayer by you and our brothers and priests. We also, at your request, will place prayer intentions on our chapel altar.

We are happy to listen to your needs and concerns over the telephone and to assist you in determining which sacred messages and materials you may wish to send for healing, sympathy, holidays, birthdays and other times of remembrance.

"Marianist spirituality requires not only that we live personally by faith, but also that we share our faith. We bring this out in community because it constantly motivates us to communicate our faith. Each of us is a missionary, and each community is a permanent mission." --Eduardo Benlloch, SM