Letter from Father Pat

Let the desert and the dry lands be glad, let the wasteland rejoice and bloom;

. . . let it burst into flower, let it rejoice and sing for joy.

. . . then they will see the glory of Yahweh, the splendor of our God.

Isaiah 35:1-2

Dear Friend of the Marianists,

As our Living God’s creation bursts forth with new life and renewed energy, we also feel a spiritual rebirth as we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord. Jesus’ Resurrection fills our hearts with joy and inspires us to find ways to share our joy with others. Thank you for your generosity in giving new life and hope to those in need.

With your help, we are able to share the love of Christ and the joy of His Resurrection with your sisters and brothers in 30 countries around the world. In this way, we are doing the work of the Blessed Mother in our world as we touch lives in places as diverse as India and Africa. Your gifts also help people in need of a new life right here at home.

Thank you for helping us share the new life in Christ with those in need. Please pray for the Marianists and those we serve around the world. We continue to pray for you and all of our friends and supporters daily. May the joy of Easter fill your souls.

In Christ,

Father Patrick J, Tonry, SM
Spiritual Directory