Prayers from Father Gene

Dear Friends in Mission,

“Lord, teach us to pray” is not just the appeal of the disciples of Jesus, but it is an appeal which comes from the heart of all believers.

The prayers written here are with the hope that, you, the reader will not only be inspired but even more that, having prayed them, you will find the prompting of the Spirit to move you to respond to the Spirit from your heart.

Though I did not compose these prayers as prompts to you, the reader, it will be a gift to me if these prayers facilitate your being able to utter your prayer from the faith which inflames and inspires your life.


Rev. Eugene Contadino, SM
Spiritual Director

The great mystery of our lives, O God is that we live in You, and our belief has colored all of our existence.

As Jesus enters these days of confrontation and judgment by His contemporaries, we walk with Him and experience again what it cost Him to be Your disciple.

Give us that faithfulness which allows us to stay with Him. Let us not back down from the discipleship challenges which face us today and forever.

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